joi, decembrie 04, 2008


darkness. why darkness?
it attracts me. why?
it reminds me about silence, about situations that words mean nothing and the conversation stops because nothing remains to be said, about peace that came along with the feeling that nothing is out there to bother you. it reminds of those retrospective-introspective nights, when is only you, with your thoughts, fears, dreams and nightmares.
why darkness?
because is in everybody. and everyone is trying to hide this side. think about what monstrosities would walk on the face of this world, if darkness that corrupts our soul would shape our faces.
imagine yourself in a place where everything is black, no boundaries and you scream. you scream and no one respond to your screaming. and you scream again and again, till your throat is bleeding, and you can't hear yourself. and in the end you realize that you are trapped inside your head, in that corner that no one has enter before, where you keep your deepest thoughts, your hidden desires, your unfulfilled lust. your little world. where you know everybody and everybody knows you. where you feel safe. do you like it?
i do.
so here i am. in darkness, searching the right angle for the perfect shot.